Software Tools for Mathematics

22 - 26 January 2018
Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

General information

The workshop has two self-contained parts, both aimed at students and researchers who want to improve the computing skills they need for their studies and research.

  • The first part will be a two-day Software Carpentry training in Spanish about general productivity tools: GNU Bash, Git and Python.
  • This will be followed by three days dedicated to mathematical software and databases (mostly in English).

  • The focus of this workshop will be on the diversity of the mathematics software ecosystem, and on collaboration between the various systems and communities.

The workshop already received more attention than organisers expected. This is why we are now asking everybody to bring their computers with them.
The deadline for registration is December 5th, 2017. After the deadline has passed, you can still fill in the registration form to let us know your interest in future workshops.
We do not have enough funds to help as many people as we would like. We ask you to submit a form if you would like to receive financial support for accommodation.

Dates and Location

The workshop will take place from 22 to 26 January 2018

suggested arrival Sunday (the 21st)
Software Carpentry start Monday morning (the 22nd)
Software Carpentry end Tuesday evening (the 23rd)
Mathematical Tools start Wednesday morning (the 24th)
Mathematical Tools end Friday evening (the 26th)
suggested departure Saturday (the 27th)

Adapt your arrival and departure dates if you only attend the Software Carpentry training, or if you skip it.

The workshop will take place at ENES Morelia, on the Morelia campus of UNAM

[Further Information]

if you require the assistance diploma, please send an email to the following address: coppelia


Katja Berčič

(CCM, UNAM Morelia, Mexico)

Samuel Lelièvre

(LMO, Orsay, France; CNRS; CCM, UNAM Morelia, Mexico)

Miguel Raggi

(ENES Morelia, UNAM Morelia, Mexico)

Ferrán Valdez

(CCM, UNAM Morelia, Mexico)