RCD spaces: Splitting theorems
and applications

November 9 - 11, 2021.


RCD(K,N) spaces are a synthetic generalization of manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below and dimension bounded above. They are stable under measured Gromov - Hausdorff convergence, and so are also a generalization of Ricci limit spaces. Several now classical results such as Cheeger-Gromoll's Splitting Theorem and Cheeger-Colding's Almost Splitting Theorem have been generalized to this setting.

In this minischool we will review some of the new proofs and how either the theorems or the ideas behind the proofs have been used to prove other results such as the volume cone implies metric cone (Gigli-De Phillips); stability of the torus (Mondello - Mondino - Perales) and; volume entropy rigidity (Connell - Dai - Nuñez Zimbrón - Perales -Suárez Serrato- Wei), etc.


Mauricio Che Moguel
Durham University, UK
Christian Ketterer
University of Cologne, Germany
Ilaria Mondello
University of Paris-Est Créteil, France
Jesús Núñez Zimbrón
CIMAT, México
Enrico Pasqualetto
Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
Chiara Rigoni
University of Vienna, Austria
Jaime Santos Rodríguez
Max planck Institut für Mathematik Bonn, Germany
Daniele Semola
University of Oxford, UK
David Tewodrose
Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium


(Mexico City's Time Zone, i.e CST: UTC-06:00)


Noé Bárcenas
CCM UNAM, Morelia, México
Raquel Perales
IMUNAM, Oaxaca, México