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The field of gravitational physics has become in the past decades a broad field of physics whose theoretical aspects range from astrophysics and cosmology to quantum gravity, one of the most important frontiers of our current understanding of the nature of matter and spacetime. Research in gravitational and mathematical physics at UNAM-Morelia includes a broad spectrum from mathematical espects of the quantum theory, gauge theories to some numerical applications.

Research in Gravitational Physics at UNAM-Morelia covers both classical and quantum aspects of gravitational theories. Among the classical part, of particular interest are mathematical aspects of hairy black hole solutions and the nature of the evolution equations used in realistic simulations of evolving geometries that may undergo gravitational collapse. The quantum aspects are motivated by the current attempts to construct a complete theory of quantum gravity and to understand the geometrical structure of spacetime at the smallest scales. In particular, a strong research efford is being pursued within loop quantum gravity and spin foam models. There is also a strong research efford in quantum field theory and mathematical physics.