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Welcome and registration Eduardo Nahmad
A First Step Towards a Deterministic and Local Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Jasel Berra
Phase space representation of polymer Quantum mechanics
9:20 Albert Much
Topological Quantum Field Theory on Globally Hyperbolic Spacetimes
10:05 Benito Alberto Juárez
Are semi-classical problems well posed?
Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos
Toponomic quantum computation
Andrei Klimov
From the discrete phase-space to the measurement space: macroscopic description of quantum fluctuations
11:10 coffee break
11:40 José Antonio Vallejo
Teoria cuantica de campos escalares no Arquimedianos
Yesenia Arredondo
Topology and physics: The influence of topological phases in technology
Christian Schubert
Path integral quantization in curved spaces
12:45 Elmar Wagner
Noncommutative Geometry explained by example: the magnetic monopole and others

Alberto Güijosa
Holografía, Entrelazamiento Cuántico y Gravedad
Alberto Molgado
Deformation Quantization for the SL(2,R) model of gravity
13:20 discussion
13:50 Transit
14:00 Lunch
15:30 Elías Castellanos
One dimensional Bose gas in the Bogoliubov's regime and finite size corrections
Eduardo Serrano Ensástiga
Stellar Representation of Grassmannians
End of the event
16:05 Sujoy Modak
Observer dependent horizons and gravitational particle creation in the radiation dominated early universe
Daniel Martínez
Condición de cuantización de Dirac no conmutativa usando el mapeo de Seiberg-Witten
16:40 coffee break
17:10 Juan Orendain
The cylinder construction: Equivariant positive formalism as a double functor.
Diego Vidal
Quantum-Corrected Einstein Equations for a Noncommutative Spacetime of Lie-Algebraic Type
17:45 Andrés Tornero
Productos estrella
Javier Alvarez Jiménez
Quantum Geometric tensor from an Lagrangian approach and non abelian generalization