Conference dinner

The SIGMAP 2018 conference dinner will be on Wednesday, June the 27th. It will consist of a buffet at the Campanario Cafe, where we can enjoy our meal with a great view of the cathedral and neighbouring buildings.

The approximate cost will be:

  • MX$300 or
  • MX$150 for students.

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Guided excursions

Legends of Morelia

Tuesday, June the 26th

Morelia was founded in 1548, a few decades after the Spanish conquered the territory nowadays known as Mexico. The main streets and buildings of Morelia were constructed during the colonial period, and since their origins, many historic events originated the surge of legends.

On Tuesday evening, we are inviting you to join us on a guided tour of the streets of Morelia's historical centre. We will listen to the legends about the streets and buildings we will see. The tour is expected to last between one hour and one hour and a half.

The approximate cost will be MX$200.

Tzintzuntzan and Patzcuaro

Wednesday, June the 27th

Tzintzuntzan is a town a mere 30 minute drive from Morelia. It was conveniently established on the shores of lake Patzcuaro as the capital of the Purepecha civilization. The nearby archeological site differs from many other Mexican archeological sites by not having any pyramids. Instead, the site features circular structures called "yacatas". We will join a 30-40 minute guided tour of the archeological site.

After the visit to Tzintzuntzan, we will drive for about 30 minutes to visit Patzcuaro, another town near lake Patzcuaro. We will learn about its history, admire its arts and crafts and enjoy the charm of this Mexican town. Patzcuaro was rewarded with the distinction "Magical town" (Pueblo Mágico) by the Mexican government for its architecture, art, craft, and traditions.

Another half an hour drive will return us to Morelia.

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